ChinaMobileMag, founded in 2013, was the first German blog dedicated to China-Tech. Our large website consists of hundred of trusted reviews about Chinese Smartphones, Tablets and Gadgets as well as countless tutorials and a large and active community. Despite having numerous competitors, ChinaMobileMag today is considered the most trusted source for honest and unbiased reviews about Chinese technology.

As any website, we need financing to keep doing our job. And this is why we are continuously looking for cooperation partners who want to help us doing reviews or provide us with funding by purchasing advertising. At ChinaMobileMag, we offer a large variety of different ways of cooperation, so there should be something right for every company.


The core of ChinaMobileMag are our in-depth and honest reviews that are done under real-life conditions. We are pretty much the only site which actually does test each and every device for one week in real-life use. So if you are a manufacturer or retailer and want to get an honest opinion about some product, plus get it popular among the German audience, feel free to provide us with a sample. Reviews are completely free of charge and by the way also get published on our YouTube Channel in both German and English language. The only thing we require is respect regarding our unbiased opinion. If you try to bribe us for a positive review, you will not get a positive review but bad press instead.

Sponsored Posts

Please understand that we consider ourselves a serious blog, which means we have set some journalistic principles. This includes the absence of sponsored posts on our blog. We still do offer paid posts, but disconnected from the blog. They are placed in their own category and won't appear on Google News. They will only be visible in the appropriate menu entry, front-page, keyword lists and of course they will be indexed on Google. If you want to place a sponsored post at ChinaMobileMag, this will cost you €15 per post or a flat €150 per month.

Press releases generally are published for free. Just if a press release published for advertising as its main purpose, we will consider it as a sponsored post and charge €15 for it.

Classic Banner Advertising

Besides the aforementioned cooperation channels, we of course do offer classic banner advertising and one special ad-format as well. 

​Spot ​1 Week ​1 Month1 Year
​Header Banner (728 x 90) ​€60 ​€220​-
Front Page Large Rectangle (336 x 280)€40€150​-
​Footer Banner (680 x 260)​€10€36​-
Sidebar Banner (120 x 160)​€10​€40​-
​Rotating Deal Bar​€20
​Exclusive Deal Bar€50

The special ad format is called "Deal Bar". This is a bar displayed at the very top of any page at ChinaMobileMag and contains information about deals, special offers or coupons. You can place a short intro text, a button that leads to your shop as well as a countdown on this bar. The bar is not blocked by ad blockers but it can be hidden manually by visitors if they are annoyed by it. You can either purchase a rotating deal bar, which will be randomly displayed among 5 other deal bars, or an exclusive deal bar, which means only your Deals will be displayed during the timespan you purchased it for.