ChinaMobileMag is one of the largest blogs and Germanys first dedicated blog about Chinese technology. If you are interested in cooperating with us, please leave us a message through this e-mail address. We are offering advertising spaces as well as honest and unbiased reviews of any device you want to send to us. Simply get in touch with us and we will work out the best way of cooperation.

Banner Spaces

We offer various responsive banner spaces on our website that you can purchase to advertise your brand or offerings. Please check the information below to learn more about the banner spaces and their pricing.

Classic Banners


1. Leaderboard Header Banner

Our Leaderboard Header Banner is the first banner visitors see when accessing our page. It is displayed on all sub-pages and can be blocked using ad-blockers. Currently the Leaderboard Banner is priced at €59.99 /week or €219.99 /month.

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2. Above Content Large Rectangle

The large rectangle banner above the content is displayed on all pages except our forum and shop rating areas. It can be blocked by users using ad-blockers. Currently the Large Rectangle banner is priced at €39.99 /week or €149.99 /month.

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3. Front Page Content List Leaderboard

We offer a dedicated Leaderboard Banner situated in our content list on the front page of our website. This banner is placed in-between the phone review and tutorial list-boxes. Currently it is priced at €19.99 /week or €69.99 /month.

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4. Footer Banner 680 x 260

Our footer banner is placed on the very bottom of all pages and is our most affordable advertising spot. It offers you a maximum space of 680 x 260 pixels and is currently priced at €36 /month or €9 /week.

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5. Sidebar Banner

Our Sidebar Banner is displayed on all pages that feature a sidebar except our shop rating area. It always is the latest module displayed in the sidebar. It can house a small rectangle or half skyscraper banner. We currently price that spot at €40 /month or €10 /week.

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Special Advertising Products

dealbar kopie_kopie

We offer one special advertising product called "Deal Bar". This is the red bar you see on the very top of every page. It is a floating bar that is always visible and can not be blocked using ad-blockers. Users however can click on the white arrow to hide the bar if they are annoyed by it. The bar won't appear again until they change their mind or clear their browser cookies. The Deal Bar is a very powerful advertising tool since it is not only visible but also allows you to display a short and pregnant text for your offer along a button and even a countdown in case your offer is valid for a limited time only. Our advertisers achieved very good results using the Deal Bar so far. We offer two ways of booking this ad-type:

1. Exclusive Deal Bar

Purchasing an exclusive Deal Bar means that you will be the sole owner of the Deal Bar for a while and there will be no other advertisers competing with your ads. You can feel free to display one single ad at a time or rotate up to 5 of your own ads which will be displayed randomly to visitors. You can change your ads at any time by contacting us. Exclusive Deal Bars can be purchased at the following rates:

  • 1 Week: €49.99
  • 2 Weeks: €89.99
  • 1 Month: €179.99
  • 1 Year: €1,999.99

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2. Rotating Deal Bar

Purchasing a rotating Deal Bar means that you share those ad spaces with up to 5 other advertisers. There will be a maximum of 5 Deal Bars in the rotation of which you can own one in case a space is free. The Deal Bars will be displayed by random.

  • 1 Week: €19.99
  • 2 Weeks: €34.99
  • 1 Month: €69.99

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