Xiaomi Mi 6 is coming next week - What highlights except Snapdragon 835?

12 Apr 2017 13:32 #1 von Geekbuying
Xiaomi officially announced that Xiaomi Mi 6 will be launched on April 19th, 2017. As one of the most important flagship smartphones, Xiaomi Mi 6 news conference draws attention from people of all circles. Xiaomi smartphones impress users mostly by cost performance. How about Xiaomi Mi 6? Except Snapdragon 835, what other “black technology” will it be equipped with? Believe the following highlights will draw users attention.

Snapdragon 835

Since Samsung, Xiaomi is the second smartphone manufacturer that can produce smartphone carrying on Snapdragon 835 with big volume. It’s advancing on time. Other manufacturers are just on the way of researching and developing Snapdragon 835 smartphones. So Xiaomi Mi 6 may be one of the first snapdragon smartphone to purchase.

Ceramic body

Xiaomi Mi 5 VIP version and Xiaomi Mix all adopts ceramic body. Compared to glass, ceramic material is not easy to be scratched. But the cost is higher than glass material. Xiaomi Mi 6 is possible to still use ceramic body, but still only the VIP edition.

Waterproof / fingerprint identification without portiforium

Previous exposed Xiaomi Mi 6 protective case shows that Mi 6 will cancel the 3.5mm earphone jack. In fingerprint identification, Mi 6 perhaps will be without portiforium, similar to Huawei P10.


In camera, it is said that Xiaomi Mi 6 will adopt dual rear camera. Before this, Xiaomi Redmi Pro also uses dual rear camera, but not every mature. This time, look forward to better photograph experience with Xiaomi Mi 6.

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