Xiaomi Mipad 3 Big Exposure: Configuration Upgrade

18 Mär 2017 04:47 #1 von Geekbuying
Exposure said that Xiaomi Mipad 3 with 7.9-inch screen, memory use 4GB shipped +64GB / 128GB optional space combination, running Android 7.0 system. The Price about: 199.99USD/246USD.

In addition to the regular update, the Xiaomi Mipad 3 also has a higher version of Pro, with 9.7-inch screen, equipped with Intel 8750 processor, the same 4GB shipped +64GB / 128GB optional space combination, run the latest Windows 10 system. The Price about: 261.99USD.

As for the two appropriate release, is said to be the fastest in the next month, with Xiaomi Mi6 together.

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